outdoor-gardenDuring the summer months, barbecues, cookouts, and open-air parties are common. Some outdoor lighting helps to set the right ambiance for these fun gatherings, and allows the party to continue into the evening. Unfortunately, having electric lights installed is often expensive, and running them causes energy bills to rise. A good alternative is solar lighting, which is available in a wide range of styles and colors, and has many benefits compared to electric lighting. Solar outdoor products are necessary because it’s not required cable joints, not any kind of electrical connection, and its work on low voltage DC which helps to make products easier, handier, and safer.

We can easily replace it to our pathway, poolside, garden, round around the round table, on main wall, hanging product can hand to give precious look to wall. There is always adequate lighting in the garden.

Cost Effective
  • Solar powered lights offer cost-saving benefits in three ways. First, they are generally cheaper than electrical garden lights are. Second, they are usually easy to use; therefore, homeowners do not have to pay expensive installation fees. Third, since they run on solar power, they do not add to energy bills. As such, solar powered lights provide homeowners with a cheap and effective way to light gardens and yards. Additionally, the ease of installation and the ability to set up the lights in almost any location means it is a simple process to put up more solar lights in preparation for a big party or special occasion.
Environmentally Friendly
  • Solar lights are an excellent way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint. The lights charge throughout the day, and then run off stored energy. This means homeowners are able to light their gardens through the night with no additional energy consumption. Lighting a garden with electric lights for a comparable amount of time would constitute a large increase in energy consumption. By combining the use of solar lights with other solar-powered appliances in the home, homeowners have the option to live in a way that is better for the environment while also reducing energy bills.
  • Solar lights are generally safer than electric garden lights, as there are no electrical cables. The lack of cables makes them a good choice for temporary installations at barbecues and cookouts, where there is a risk that children might trip over exposed cables from electrical lighting options. Solar lights are also safer than candles and lanterns, which pose a fire hazard.
  • Furthermore, homeowners who use electric lights in the garden are likely to switch off the lights when they go away on vacation or while they are asleep. As a result, the garden is dark during the night, and this provides an opportunity for thieves or vandals to break into the grounds. Conversely, solar lights illuminate the grounds every night, whether the homeowners are there or not; and this is a strong deterrent for criminals.
Wide Range of Styles
  • Solar lights are available in many colors and styles, suitable for a range of uses, including permanent installations and temporary party decorations. They are aesthetically pleasing, and homeowners are sure to find a style that is suitable for their requirements.
Work under Our Scope
  • Site Visit: Vision Solar Power’s engineer & designer will visit site where the project solar decor to be installed. After know complete requirements of customer in form of beget, area, light, lux, illuminations, plan out there product.
  • Requirement Identification
  • Architect and Technical Design
  • Quotation
  • Decor product handover and installation